Kits is COPE's battle ground.

We have two weeks until Advance Voting Days when the future of Vancouver is decided.
Let's take to the streets and elect activists into power!

COPE's Kitsilano Mega Canvass

When: Saturday September 24th, 10am-2pm

Where: Meet 4th & Vine (Safeway)

We'll meet from 10am-2pm at 4th & Vine Safeway, using our canvassing table as a home base and sending folks out to door knock from there.

Canvassers will stay on the street having mobilizing conversations to ask folks about their issues, and to sign a platform petition to get involved!

Doorknockers will be lead in small teams by trainers around nearby apartment buildings to go inside and knock on doors to deliver voter information and talk to renters!

Will you volunteer?