GET OUT THE VOTE Downtown Eastside Campaign

Help COPE run a campaign in the Downtown Eastside and Chinatown to get candidates elected who have lived and worked for decades in this historic neighbourhood like Jean Swanson (Incumbent for City Council) and Chris Livingstone (for Parks Board) and Tanya Webking (for City Council).

The people who are most impacted by the housing and poisoned drug crises plus over policing should have a representative at city hall. We need a healing lodge at CRAB Park and to help the homeless in tents living in the parks get the housing they need.

The housing crisis is getting worse and worse, and we have an opportunity to make a change this election. We need to build power and win big this October. The future of Vancouver depends on it. 

Fighting for housing justice will take all of us. Will you pitch in to help us campaign in the Downtown Eastside and Chinatown?

$4,660.00 raised so far. Help us get to $13,000.00

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Donors must be a resident of BC and a permanent resident or citizen of Canada. Elections BC requires that individual donations for 2022 do not exceed a total of $1,250 for City Council and Park Board campaigns combined, as well as $1,250 for the School Board Campaign. If you would like your donation, or a portion of your donation, to be directed to the School Board campaign, please email our Financial Agent at [email protected] with that information.

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