Equity Lens

12.1 COPE commits to developing policies and programs through the intersectional lens of the needs of marginalized people including, but not limited to indigenous peoples, people of colour, women, Kids in or from Care, LGBTQ2SI, and those who are always most adversely by the gross imbalance of economic power. Environmental apartheid will be acknowledged and addressed throughout the City and through the City’s involvement in policy-making at the regional, provincial and federal level.

12.2 COPE will, in full consultation with all people who have unique needs or who enjoy unique cultural characteristics, use the lenses of compassion, empathy, honor, and respect to develop, promote, and maintain appropriate facilities, services, and programs reflecting those needs and sensibilities where they may have been inadequately addressed.


Trans Rights

12.3 COPE will advocate the parental rights of trans-men and trans-women.


Migrant Justice

12.4 COPE will provide more practical support programs to help immigrant and migrant people, particularly women, living in Vancouver.



12.5 COPE will ensure that all residents of Vancouver have access to childcare by creating and implementing a city-wide childcare strategy. COPE supports the $10/day Community Plan for a Public System of Integrated Early Care and Learning, as proposed by the Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC and the Early Childhood Educators of BC. COPE will also use Council, Parks, and Schools’ resources and spaces toward the development a universal childcare program.

12.6 COPE will double the City’s capital plan child care budget from $30 million (2014-2018) to $60 million so that we can create the 7,500 new early child care spaces required for universal early child care within the next four years (2019-2023).

12.7 COPE will enter into negotiations with the Provincial government to make Vancouver a “pilot city” for a comprehensive universal child care program:

12.7.1 The City will be responsible for creating the spaces needed to accommodate existing and new need;

12.7.2 The Province will be called upon to expand fee reductions making child care $10/day for all children. New provincial revenues are expected to exceed the cost, because of parents re-entering the workforce; 

12.7.3 Any lag in revenues could be covered by the recent increase in “Provincial School” property levy;

12.7.4 Ensure that Early Childhood Educators employed by the city are paid a living wage of at least $25 per hour plus benefits in a unionized environment.


Peace and Justice Committee

12.8 COPE will re-strike the Peace and Justice Standing Committee of Vancouver City Council.


Equity Audit

12.9 COPE will implement a robust, public and third-party Vancouver governance audit focussed on equity, the state of current access to decision making positions and drafting recommendations for City Council to improve upon the current system.


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