The COPE Community Builder uses a cycle of grassroots organizing activities which build communal relationships and skills to democratize municipal politics; new connections with your own neighbourhood create a city-wide movement toward progressive change! We're using the Community Builder with our volunteers to support the workers and tenants of Vancouver by getting COPE candidates elected in the 2022 Vancouver Municipal Election. Our cycle includes:

Canvassing: Getting out into your own community to meet neighbors and other volunteers for hands-on training on mobilizing conversations, asking folks to sign a platform petition and to contact them with voting info!

Data Entry: Entering the data we collect from canvassing by typing the information from the petition forms into digital spreadsheets - on your own time or online in a Data Entry Bank Zoom with other volunteers!

Phone Banking: Making phone calls to our membership or petition supporters about our platforms and asking if they'll support - on your own or in a Phone Bank Zoom with other volunteers!

Extra Activities:

Fundraising (learning & planning fundraising pitches), Social Media & Digital Communications (outreach and social media presence), Joining COPE's Organizing Team (more direct leadership to build organizing skills), Special Interests (any skills or interests that could apply to any part of our process)!

Will you join in on any of these activities? Select all that apply! 

Have an organizing idea that's not listed here? Have any questions? Write to us at [email protected]

How will you volunteer?