13. Electoral Reform


Ward System

13.1 COPE will hold a public referendum on electoral reform which will offer the voting public the opportunity to:

13.1.1 Keep the current at-large voting system or replace it with a ward system; and/or

13.1.2 Keep the current first-past-the-post system of voting or replace it with a system of wards proportional representation.


Campaign Finance Reform

13.2 COPE will work with other municipalities to lobby the provincial government to improve municipal campaign financing legislation by:

13.2.1 Restricting 3rd party spending;

13.2.2 Mandating full disclosure of contributions, and a full ban on corporate donations, in both election and non-election years; and

13.2.3 Implementing public funding of political parties based on the number of votes each party received in the immediately preceding election.


Recall Legislation

13.3 COPE will work with other municipalities to lobby the provincial government to pass legislation that would enable citizens to recall elected City officials.


Door-to-Door Voter Registration

13.4 COPE will reinstate city-funded door-to-door voter enumeration to make sure that renters, indigenous people, other racialized groups, and homeless people that have been systematically disenfranchised are not left off the voter rolls.


Equitable Access to Voting Stations

13.5 COPE will ensure that there are more polling stations, distributed equitably across the city during municipal elections, and allow free transit on election days.


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