Library Board Democracy

14.1 COPE will bring democracy to the Library Board, and give a voice to Library staff through designated board positions.


Increase Hours of Operation

14.2 COPE will not cut hours for Library staff, and will return Vancouver Library staff hours to 2008 levels. COPE will increase Library hours of operation. This includes expanding the hours of the Special Collections department to 2008 levels.


Support Unionized Workers

14.3 COPE will not allow the use of volunteers to perform any union bargaining unit work.


Information Services

14.4 COPE will conduct an inquiry into the Information Services Model based on input from Vancouver Public Library patrons and Library staff, and implement changes based on this inquiry to ensure that new implementations of the Information Services Model are functioning to increase Library service and improve working conditions for staff. Based on the findings of this inquiry, COPE will decide whether or not to expand the Information Services Model to other library branches.


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