Protect Industrial Land

17.1 COPE will put a moratorium on the rezoning of industrial land in the city.


Discretionary Zoning

17.2 COPE will address land speculation brought on by discretionary zoning practices.


Co-operative and Public Housing Near Public Transit

17.3 COPE will promote affordable higher density housing construction in commercial and residential areas that are within walking distance of adequate public transportation.

17.4 COPE will promote rezoning for social and co-op housing that will eventually be incorporated into a City-Wide Plan that has been adopted in consultation with affected communities to address the social, economic, and environmental impacts by the Co-Design process described in Section 1.15. 


Protect Green Spaces

17.5 COPE Councillors and Parks Commissioners will advocate for a zoning specific to parks and greenways to be added to the categories of zoning under the Vancouver Charter.  This will require City Council to vote on a motion requesting that the Provincial Government add this Permanent Park Zoning to the categories of zoning allowed under the Charter.


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