Accountability and Oversight

9.1 Public accountability and independent oversight:

9.1.1 COPE will ensure that the VPD complaints process will be monitored by a completely independent body, with a proper budget and no reporting obligations to the VPD;

9.1.2 COPE will create a civilian-run police complaints system empowered to conduct investigations and order police to cooperate with enforcement decisions;

9.1.3 COPE will also explore ways to support third-party independent, community-led police oversight organizations; and

9.1.4 Implementing mandatory body cams on all active duty law enforcement officers.


Reduce and Reallocate VPD Budget

9.2 Reducing and reallocating police spending:

9.2.1 COPE supports a platform of police financing through a participatory community consultation process that prioritizes housing, social services and other essential community services. 

9.2.2. COPE will reallocate police resources to ensure full and proper investigation of complaints of male violence against women, in keeping with the full recommendations of the Murdered and Missing Women’s Commission of Inquiry.

9.2.3 COPE supports community infrastructures and organizations that help individuals address systemic violence in their communities without sole recourse to police and government authorities.


Training and Education

9.3 More training, better education:

9.3.1 Under COPE, the VPD will engage in regular and frequent mandatory training sessions on current and historic colonial violence in Vancouver, particularly addressing systemic misogyny and racism; COPE WILL support VPD training session that include the voices and priorities of marginalized groups, including but not limited to Sikh, Muslim, Black, Indigenous, First Nations, Metis, Inuit, transgender people, Queer people of colour and other racialized communities.

9.3.2 Under COPE, police will explicitly rely upon and incorporate learning from local grassroots organizations recognized as front-line experts in violence against women, including transgender women.


End Profiling and the Criminalization of Poverty

9.4 COPE will work to end the targeting of marginalized groups and visible minorities by:

9.4.1 Eliminating bylaws that criminalize people who use drugs or target the labouring poor, the mentally ill, muslim, indigenous and other racialized communities, and disadvantaged people, such as vending and jaywalking bylaws;

9.4.2 Calling on the VPD to stop harassing homeless people who have to sleep on the street; stop making them pack up their things every day even when it’s raining; stop harassing tent cities, and instead have City workers provide them with garbage pick up, porta potties, clean water until housing is available for all;

9.4.3 Ensuring that the City of Vancouver Police take all necessary measures within its power to prevent the growth of hate groups and stop racial crimes against vulnerable groups in public spaces;

9.4.4 Declaring warrants for minor offenses unenforceable for those who are seeking police support against violence and abuse, following the recommendations of the Murdered and Missing Women’s Commission of Inquiry;

9.4.5 Ensuring that the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) complaints process be monitored by a completely independent body, with no reporting obligations to the VPD; and

9.4.6 Making the enforcement of provincial and federal anti-squatting laws the lowest policing priority.


Sanctuary City

9.5 COPE will submit and support motions compelling the Vancouver Police Board to immediately rescind amendments permitting the Vancouver Police Department to identify and share anyone’s immigration status/non-status;


Community-Led Safety

9.6 COPE will work collaboratively with communities and the VPD to develop and implement policies requiring the police force better represent the communities they are policing.


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