COPE has raised $110,000 from more than 1,000 donors in 2018. This includes $105,534 from more than 700 individual donors, plus $5,173 in anonymous donations under $50.

The median individual donation was $75, and the average was $145.

“COPE has raised over $110,000, the most of any progressive party that has released numbers so far,” said COPE council candidate Derrick O’Keefe. “We also have a huge army of 500 volunteers, putting COPE in the best position to beat the developer-funded NPA on city council, park board and school board.”

“The new campaign finance rules seem to have a shocking number of loopholes,” said COPE council candidate Anne Roberts. “When real estate developers are allowed to get each of their family members and each employee to give the maximum donation of $1,200, that’s a serious problem.”

“Making matters worse, corporations can donate unlimited  funds between election years that doesn’t have to be reported. That allows parties to build huge war-chests to spend during elections years. Beats me how the provincial government can claim that they’ve taken big money out of local elections,” she said.

COPE’s full individual donor list can be found here