About this '2018 Full COPE Platform'

The "2018 Full COPE Platform" is a compendium of the policies adopted by the COPE membership at our 2018 Policy Conference. Many of the policies were new, while others were revised or carried over from the 2014 COPE Platform. For brevity, the "2018 Full COPE Platform" document on this webpage includes all policy actions ("therefore be it resolved" clauses) but not their motivation ("whereas" or "because" clauses).


The 'City We Need' platform highlights

During the 2018 civic election, highlights of the full platform were included in the 'City We Need' platform — a public-facing document for voters that focuses on City Council priorities. It can be read here.


Help Create the 2022 COPE Platform!

Leading into the 2022 civic elections, the COPE membership will be crafting a new platform at our 2022 Policy Conference. So much has changed over the past four years! COPE Electeds have made significant progress on many of the elements of the platform since 2018, and now we have to go further. At the same time, many the crises facing Vancouver have been exacerbated, from homelessness to poison drugs to climate change, while new crises have emerged. 

The new 2022 COPE Platform can incorporate elements of the previous platform, while revising, changing, and adding any new policies — anything that the COPE membership decides. The 2022 COPE Platform will guide our party and candidates during the campaign and in office.

If you would like to help update the COPE platform, it may be useful for you to read through the Full 2018 COPE Platform on this webpage (alongside the 'City We Need' platform highlights), with a mind to which policies require revision, which sections should be reorganized or conceptualized, and most importantly, which policies are missing and should be added.


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