Making public transportation free for youth ages 13 to 18 is a win for the climate, a win for families, and it makes Vancouver a better place to live.

We, the undersigned, demand:

  • That Vancouver City Council supports the Free Transit for Teens motion advanced by the Centre for Family Equity and already passed by the Vancouver School Board with the leadership of COPE School Trustee Suzie Mah.

  • That the Province of BC and Translink work to implement free public transportation for youth ages 13 to  18.

Ken Sim and ABC are taking us backwards on the climate crisis.

COPE is fighting to expand free public transit to everyone for youth ages 13 to 18 and beyond.

We are in a climate crisis and an affordability crisis. 

COPE is committed to free public transit for all as a way to fight against climate change and make life more affordable. In 2019, COPE representatives on Council, School Board, and Park Board moved motions to support Allonboard's campaign to make transit free for youth under the age of 12 in Vancouver. COPE successfully passed the motion through all levels of civic government. By the end of 2021, the Province of BC followed COPE's lead and made transit free for youth under the age of 12 across the entire province.

This is a fight we can win if people come together and demand it. The next step is to win Free Transit for Teens, and expand the program to make transit free in Vancouver for everyone under the age of 18.