End the housing Crisis for Indigenous people and restore land

This year the percent of homeless people who are indigenous increased from 30% to 40%, while making up only ~2% of the population. That is a crime and we can’t let it go on. This is another reason why the plan to end homelessness with modular housing in one year is so imperative.

Furthermore there is currently not enough housing on-reserve to meet the need of the host First Nations:


Living on reserve

Living off reserve










The City should work with host nations to create land trusts, restore land to them, and end their housing crisis.

There are about 12,000 indigenous people living in the City of Vancouver. The City needs to develop a plan with local First Nations and urban indigenous communities to prioritize their housing needs.

Decolonize the city, support Indigenous cultural restoration

The City should:

  • Recognize and understand United Nations Declaration on Indigenous People (UNDRIP) as law
  • Strongly support Indigenous arts, culture, and language revitalization programs
  • Reintroduce Indigenous place names, immediately remove disrespectful colonial place names
  • Build Indigenous Healing and Wellness Centre in the Downtown Eastside
  • Address current and historical policing and its relationship to violent colonial practises and disproportional Indigenous incarceration
  • Listen to Indigenous communities’ response to local resource extraction and understand the historic and ongoing exploitation that is ingrained within BC’s resource extraction.