For too long, the public school system has suffered cuts to programs, library services, and support for special needs. At the same time Vancouver has become increasingly unaffordable, leading to declining enrolment and loss of teachers. Join the campaign that’s going to defend public schools and all children.

Breakfast and lunch for all vulnerable kids: Healthy universal food program in all schools

Close the Racial Achievement Gap: Action plan to eliminate the graduation gap for vulnerable populations

Affordable housing for teachers: Dedicated city-owned housing to ensure VSB can recruit and retain teachers

Create an Indigenous High School: For grades 8 to 12

Smaller class sizes: Take a stand for sufficient provincial funding

Reverse the cuts: Restore French Immersion, Adult ED classes, and music and arts programs

Defend the public system: Eliminate public funding for elite private schools

Sanctuary City: Ensure schools are accessible to children regardless of families’ immigration status

Social justice: Restore and implement the VSB Multiculturalism and Anti-Racism Policy, and ensure implementation of the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identities policy

Protect the environment: Implement a Students’ Environmental Bill of Rights

Democracy now: Rotate board meetings in the communities that schools serve

Universal childcare: Work with COPE City Councillors and Park Board commissioners to make Vancouver a pilot city for $10/day child care

Will you sign?