By making public transit safe, reliable, expansive, and free to ride in Vancouver, we can:

  • Ensure equity in mobility, and reduce burdens on low-income families without barriers;
  • Enable access to jobs, education, culture, and recreation for all;
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution;
  • and encourage cars off the road to reduce traffic and create more public space for plazas, patios, and green spaces in Vancouver.

We, the undersigned demand:

  • The federal and provincial governments move towards a fully funded green public transit system without fares;
  • That alternative sources of environmentally-conscious tax revenues be explored to replace fares;
  • That Vancouver take up the cause of advocating for fully funded and expansive fare-free-transit for all in our role as a climate justice leader.

Making public transit convenient, accessible, reliable, and free-to-ride is an urgent necessity for economic and ecological justice. We call upon authorities to prioritize this common-sense step towards a sustainable and equitable future.

Will you sign?