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Jean Swanson (2018 - 2022): Anti-Poverty activist for four decades. COPE endorsed mayoralty candidate in 1988. Recipient of the Order of Canada in 2017, and the clearly leading progressive voice in Vancouver municipal politics. 

Twitter: @jeanswanson_
Facebook: @swanson4council
Instagram: @councillorswanson 



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COPE City Councillor in the News 


See an up to date list of Jean's 2020 activities on Council here.


(Note: this is a non-exhaustive list. Google "COPE Jean Swanson" for more results or visit us on social media)


  • Fighting for Affordable Housing

Jean Swanson files council motion to stop City of Vancouver subsidy for market-rate rental projects

Vancouver city council to consider removing developer incentives for new rental housing

Councillor Jean Swanson wants to get rental housing 'out of the market'

‘I’m just going to keep pushing’: Vancouver councillor Jean Swanson on the fight for affordable housing

  • Protecting Tenants

Vancouver city council approves part of COPE councillor Jean Swanson's motion to help tenants

Jean Swanson: A brief moment of sanity at city hall—why my tiny amendment could have made big difference for renters

  • Transit

COPE's Jean Swanson will seek council's endorsement of campaign for free transit for minors

  • Homelessness

COPE's Jean Swanson seeks council's support to help Oppenheimer Park campers and keep shelters open

Jean Swanson’s Idea for Housing Homeless Campers Shot Down

Vancouver park board will not seek injunction to remove homeless from Oppenheimer Park

  • Radical Politics

Jean Swanson’s Radical Plan to Transform Vancouver

Vancouver councillor Jean Swanson still aims to donate almost 40 per cent of salary






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