The Executive Committee of the Coalition of Progressive Electors is the only elected committee in COPE. It meets monthly to administer the organization in between General Membership meetings. Some of the positions on the Executive have additional responsibilities, and are called "table officer positions." These positions (and their responsibilities as outlined in the by-laws) are described on our page on how to run for the Executive.

You can contact the COPE Executive Committee by sending an email to [email protected] and requesting that it be forwarded to the full Executive.


TRISTAN MARKLE (CO-CHAIR): Tristan knows that we will win rent control, end homelessness, stop climate change, and restore Indigenous sovereignty. He's entering his 5th two-year term as a COPE executive member. He believes it's crucial to continue building on COPE's 50+ year track record of being the political vehicle for workers and tenants in Vancouver. He was Communications Director for COPE's 2018 campaign, Steering Committee organizer for Jean Swanson's 2017 by-election campaign, and campaign manager for Meena Wong's 2014 mayoral campaign. He completed a PhD in molecular biology and HIV research at SFU in 2019. He likes books and spicy food.
NADIA REVELO (TREASURER): Nadia Revelo (she/her) is a Community Health Worker, an organizer of the Colombian community in BC, a supporter of working-class people's struggles, and an active member of COPE since 2018.
ROCCO TRIGUEROS (CORRESPONDING SECRETARY): Mexican born, Rocco, is a shop steward at CUPE 379, executive member at LGTBQ2S CUPE BC, member of the steering committee of Vancouver Tenants Union. He is Director of Mexicans Living in Vancouver, member of Socialist Alternative, and recent organizer of the Lights for Liberty event.
1ff5233 CONNIE HUBBS (RECORDING SECRETARY): Connie began her activism with the women's movement and was an active union member with CUPE, CUPW and the BCTF. and is now committed to stopping climate change and the underlying causes in our ecomonic  system and its focus on limitless growth. Connie coordinates the COPE Environment Working Group and is a transit advocate. A long time COPE member, Connie served as co-chair of COPE from March 2015 to November 2018. Currently she supports our electeds coordinating COPE'S School Board and Park Board Advisory Committees. Connie believes COPE's role is to represent those who are marginalized and to promote fairness in public life.
  MEMBER SECRETARY: KAT GLASSPOOLE (MEMBER-AT-LARGE): Kat (she/her) is a Queer, Black settler living in so-called Vancouver. She completed a BA in Fine Arts with a minor in Political Science in 2015 and is delighted to finally put those areas of study together for an amazing cause. This year Kat and her wife have also starting a nonprofit organization that seeks to meet the needs of at-risk youth and other equity-seeking groups by facilitating connections to nature. Kat currently works as an animal wellness provider and is a hobby potter in her free time. Kat is passionate about COPE's dedication to fighting for Indigenous sovereignty, and the continued struggle to end homelessness and secure safe drug-supply for those in need.
NYM CALVEZ (MEMBER-AT-LARGE): Nym is a union organizer with Unite Here Local 40, which recently won contracts after a 28 day strike at the Pinnacle, Hyatt Regency, and Four Seasons hotels, and a 59 day strike at the Hotel Georgia.
BEVERLEY HO (MEMBER-AT-LARGE): Beverly is a 2nd generation Han Chinese settler who grew up on Coast Salish lands. She has a background in the arts and community organizing against gentrification in Chinatown and the Downtown Eastside. Beverly is excited to continue bringing together different and intersecting marginalized communities like elders, sex workers, QTBIPOC, and people who use drugs together through her roles at Yarrow and COPE.
LUCY HONG (MEMBER-AT-LARGE): Liqin (Lucy) Hong is from the People's Republic of China. She loves this land and the people who live in it. By raising her family in Vancouver, she has deeply fused with one of the representative cities where eastern and western cultures have been blended together. With a background in law, finance, teaching, entrepreneurship, and philosophy, Lucy has been passionate about justice, education, and human rights. While the housing crisis has intensified, she has been supporting and advocating for housing rights and tenants' rights. Over the last ten years, She has also been working on making justice more accessible and affordable in BC for marginalized communities. It will be her mission to continuously promote and support those who appreciate equal respect and protection without discrimination.
ISMAIL ASKIN (EQUITY CHAIR): Ismail (he/him) is a queer Muslim settler of Turkish-Mexican descent, whose been shaped by his upbringing in the three radically different countries of Mexico, Turkey, and Canada. He was introduced into the world of organizing and activism via the student and anti-racist movements, and anti-imperialist movements, and is currently most active in the labour movement. He joined COPE's organizing team due to being inspired by the incredible work that COPE has done in working hand in hand with grassroots organizations and marginalized peoples by combatting homelessness, police brutality, climate change, and colonialism. He currently works as a labour organizer for the Worker Solidarity Network and assistant to Jean Swanson. He is still coming to understand the lens his BPD provides him when trying to organize in a capitalist context that does not account for mental health and neurodivergence. He is grateful for coming into a party and space that lets him thrive and work for change despite mental health challenges.