The Executive Committee of the Coalition of Progressive Electors is the only elected committee in COPE. It meets monthly to administer the organization in between General Membership meetings. Some of the positions on the Executive have additional responsibilities, and are called "table officer positions." These positions (and their responsibilities as outlined in the by-laws) are described on our page on how to run for the Executive.

You can contact the COPE Executive Committee by sending an email to [email protected] and requesting that it be forwarded to the full Executive.


  SHAWN VULLIEZ (CO-CHAIR): Shawn (he/him) is an advocate for housing as a public asset and service, well-funded and staffed public libraries, and a more democratic and accessible city. He was COPE's campaign manager in 2018, and has experience running campaigns at the municipal, provincial and federal level. He first joined COPE in 2014.
NADIA REVELO (TREASURER): Nadia Revelo (she/her) is a Community Health Worker, an organizer of the Colombian community in BC, a supporter of working-class people's struggles, and an active member of COPE since 2018.
CONNIE HUBBS (FUNDRAISER): Connie began her activism with the women's movement and was an active union member with CUPE, CUPW and the BCTF. and is now committed to stopping climate change and the underlying causes in our economic  system and its focus on limitless growth. Connie coordinates the COPE Environment Working Group and is a transit advocate. A long time COPE member, Connie served as co-chair of COPE from March 2015 to November 2018. Currently she supports our "electeds" coordinating COPE'S School Board and Park Board Advisory Committees. Connie believes COPE's role is to represent those who are marginalized and to promote fairness in public life.



RAY GOERKE (MEMBER-AT-LARGE): Ray passionately believes that the working class needs its own political organization to win real rent control, end homelessness, and fight for the city we need. COPE is the party in Vancouver with a proven track record of bringing together the best working-class fighters and activists which is why Ray joined COPE in 2019 when he moved back to Vancouver. Ray is a member of Socialist Alternative Canada and seeks to bring a socialist analysis and his experience as a national organizer to help make COPE the strongest possible working-class coalition. 
PAUL HOULE (MEMBER-AT-LARGE): Paul has been a member of COPE since 1986. He previously served as COPE Treasurer and Recording Secretary. He is currently serving in a Member-at-Large position that runs through to 2026. 

Paul is a lifelong member of his union, the BCGEU and was a shop steward for 21 consecutive years. As a union activist, he worked in the Fightback Campaign in 2002 against the massive spending cuts of Premier Gordon Campbell. He was a previous BCGEU rep at the Vancouver and District Labour Council (VDLC). 

Paul worked for the NDP in the last two federal elections of 2019 and 2021, including as an Official Agent. Paul is particularly concerned about social justice and human rights issues, including the rights of: LGBTQIA2S+, BIPOC, refugees, immigrants and the Indigenous people of Gaza. He is also concerned about affordable housing, education, environment, harm and poverty reduction, and arts, culture and heritage. Paul favours a massive expansion in social and cooperative housing programs and ending developer control of City Hall - which is now even worse under Mayor Ken Sim.

Paul was educated in and employed in both journalism and social work. His parents, Ruth and Paul (Jerry) Houle also worked in COPE.


Tim was admitted to the UBC Law Faculty in 1980 in large part due to the letter of support Harry Rankin, COPE’s founder, provided. After completing his  articles with Harry Rankin, Tim established his own law firm in 1984. He served two terms as an elected COPE Park Commissioner from 1990 to 1993 and 1993 to 1996. Tim has previously served two terms as an elected COPE Vancouver City Councillor from 1999 to 2002 and 2002 to 2005.


ZAKIR SULEMAN (Membership Secretary): Zakir (he/they) is a organizer, facilitator, and researcher, with a Master's in Information Science. A child of refugees and immigrants, Zakir started organizing in their early 20’s against gentrification in their neighbourhood. He has been finding different avenues to support the ability of working people to flourish ever since, working on boards, in community groups, and on the street. He believes that oppressive social systems are always designed, and that they can and should be redesigned to enable the flourishing of all human beings. Their areas of interest are community building, decolonization work, anti-poverty work, and climate adaptation.

JEAN SWANSON (MEMBER-AT-LARGE): Jean has been an Anti-Poverty activist for four decades. COPE endorsed mayoralty candidate in 1988. Recipient of the Order of Canada in 2017, and the clearly leading progressive voice in Vancouver municipal politics. 


SUZIE MAH (SCHOOL BOARD TRUSTEE): Suzie Mah was born and raised in East Vancouver.  She recently retired from 35 years of teaching in Vancouver schools and has taught in the K to 12 and Adult Education sectors. Suzie has a long history of teacher union activism and is a strong advocate for public education - particularly in the areas of equity and inclusion.  In Suzie's spare time, she loves volunteering for local festivals like the Coastal Jazz Festival and singing at karaoke events.