The COPE quarterly members meeting, which had been planned for April 5th, is cancelled due to the COVID-19 safety situation.

We're working with our electeds to arrange an online format COPE members meeting as soon as possible, so that you can hear directly from the COPE electeds and executive and can participate in decision-making. We'll be sending out the date and details for participating online shortly.

House the Homeless in Hotels Now: 

Please take a minute to sign Councillor Swanson's petition calling on the BC government to house vulnerable BC residents in hotels, including the 7,655 people who've been counted as homeless as well as people living in unsafe SROs. When you sign the petition, it will send a letter directly to the Premier and the Ministers of Health, Housing, and Social Development. If possible, share the petition on social media.

Send the Province a letter to house the homeless in hotels

Stay safe,
COPE Co-chairs
Nancy Trigueros & Tristan Markle